Located in the northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula within Castilla y Leon. Over 100 villages spread out from the Duero River, the spine of the region.

Soil: A complex base of tertiary sedimentary rocks. These sediments consist of layers of limestone, marl and sand mixed with clay and silt.

Climate: Continental with some Mediterranean influences. Extreme and cold winters with hot and dry summers.

Grapes: 81% of all plantings are Tempranillo, known locally as Tinto Fino. Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Merlot and Malbec are grown in very small quantities. White grapes are limited to the locally consumed Albillo.

Sharp Red wines are getting more elegance, with terroir and fruity revelation that opens the way to other typologies, afrancesados, minerals, red wines from the very deep Ribera, fruity, good value for money… excellent cellaring potential.
Rose wines: have an onion color, fruity and tasty, although sometimes they can be a bit heavy and high alcoholic percentage.
Red wines: usually intense cherry color. Aromas like mature fruit with peel character that can normally remind the smell of the ink. There is also jovenes wines with rustic notes.
Ribera del Duero is the second D.O. that most drink in Spain.

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