Located in Catalonia (Spain). Penedès D.O. includes all Penedès region and municipalities of four other counties: Anoia, Alt Camp, Baix Llobregat and Tarragonès.
There are three subregions:
Penedès Superior: the vineyard is up to 800 meters height.
Penedès Central or Medium: most of the production on this area is cava; the highest traditional variety are macabeo and xarel.lo.
Down Penedès: it is the closer area to the Mediterranean sea. Its height is less than the other two areas and the wines have a strong Mediterranean character.

Soil: Mature clay. Sandy and well-drained and rich in phosphorus. Low in
potassium with an average of 20% limestone.

Climate: A thousand tastes, aromas, bodies and structures are the result of these differences in climate, territory and the variety of the soils that make up the region, marked by the green of the hills and valleys or the blue of the Mediterranean.

White are macabeo, xarel.lo, parellada, chardonnay, riesling, gewürztraminer, chenin blanc, moscatel de Alejandria.
Red are garnacha, merlot, cariñena, ull de llebre, pinot noir, monastrell, cabernet sauvignon and syrah

White are emphasized by its fruity and light character. They are fresh, nice and can be drunk during the whole year. Moreover, the chardonnay are very important and the jovenes one are fruity with some lemonade notes and good varietal character.

Rosé have a modern style, rosy color like strawberry, powerful, aromatic and fresh. They are made from tempranillo, cabernet, merlot or pinot noir.

Red made by garnacha and tempranillo are jovenes, nice and easy to drink although sometimes they can be light and you can feel  herbaceous notes due to the intense production. Crianza red wines integrate wood material notes with good quality of fruity aromas. In the mouth are concentrated and fleshy.

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