Located in the Sierras de Málaga. South of Spain.

Soil: mostly alluvial with carbonates present on the surface, although near the coastline the composition is more varied, including clay, quartz and mica

Climate: varies greatly from Mediterranean near the coast to Continental, with severe frosts, further inland.

Moscatel, Pedro Ximenez, ChardonnayMacabeo and Sauvignon blanc (for whites) and Rome, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah and Tempranillo (for reds).

Two categories:
Traditional wines which their personality is marked by the surround, concentrated or dehydration grape-juice by the hot weather that caramelized the wine. These factors give them a dark color, sweetness and dirtiness characteristics.

Modern wines are produce by native and foreign varieties. They are marked by the hot climate on the zone. The red wines are very sunny and ‘burned’ notes. The new sweet white wines offer a nice and grapy aromas; in the mouth are fresh and sweet at the same time.

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