VODKA BLAT 0% Impurities Garvey

Size: 750 Ml
Alcohol: 40%
Unit: 12

White Vodka
Appearance: Transparent and crystalline.
Aroma:  Neutral and subtle aroma.
Taste: Light-bodied and very pure. Ideal to be consumed in cocktails.




William Garvey arrived in Spain by chance, with the initial intention of finding merino sheep to add to the flock that he already owned in Ireland.

His plans were almost ruined due to a storm in the Bay of Cádiz that caused the ship in which he was travelling to run aground. His life was saved thanks to the actions of a sailor from Cadiz, the father of the woman who would later become Garvey’s wife.

Their romance, and the commercial environment of the city, won Garvey over, so he took up residence and decided to try his luck in an industry that was completely foreign to him, but in which he met with great succes