About Us:

Vinaio’s strength is the SALES TEAM with a knowledge of more than 12 years at the streets: keeping in touch with retailers, restaurants and bars; at the office: preparing reports, materials and samples; and at the bodegas: knowing the sources, processes and distinctive materials.  Our sales force attends fairs and expos in all of the US and abroad.

Our suppliers

From 32 regions of Spain, our mother Land, to the hills in South Africa and Chile, the best grapes, couveés and personality products are bring to US for your delight.

We select unique wineries,  brands with personality, even when low priced, to achieve the best scores in your palate and the international shows.

Sales Team

Our vendors have the abililty to find the best product for retailers, restaurants / Bars.
Johnny Paulino
Kelvin Felix
Jazmin Collado
Carlos Hidalgo
Sandro Estrella
Ramón del Monte
Jesús Gutiérrez
Dan Kessler
Dulce Baldera
Marco Vivona
Eduardo Salanova
Mariana González


From a diversity of backgrounds and countries of origin, our Managing staff meets the needs of a complex and fast changing world


César Baeza


Jesús Gutiérrez