Located in CariñenaAragónSpain. It is one of the oldest protected growing areas in Europe, the DO having been created in 1932.

Soil:  is reddish-brown limestone over a subsoil of loose rock with a high calcium carbonate content, and in some places, slate and clay

Climate:  is continental (long, hot summers, cold winters) with extremes of temperature over the course of the year. The main problems for the grape-growers are the risk of hailstones, the strong winds and excessive summer heat, as drought can affect the harvest.

White are macabeo, garnacha blanca, moscatel romano, parellada and chardonnay.
Red on this area are garnacha tinta, tempranillo, mazuela, juan ibañez, cabernet sauvignon, syrah and merlot.

Main wines, it must be said that the red wines are the most popular on this D.O.
However, the white wines have a yellow straw-colored, some mature fruit notes and fruity character.

Rosé are produce by the new technologies. They have a rosy color with good intensity and tasty in the mouth.

Red are robust and warm character. The jovenes have a dark cherry color with violet aspects and mature fruit aroma that reminds to the blueberries and plums. They also have a good garnacha tasting. The crianza ones are smoothers and have balsamic notes and dab of high toast; in the mouth they are smooth and warm. The long crianza wines are produced using garnacha and can appear oxidize notes because the poor resistance of this grape has through the years.

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