Located in the province of Tarragona , recognized with the highest quality to be designation of origin. The vineyard sits on Llicorella called slate floors . It is a mountainous area with steep slopes , so that the vine is cultivated in terraces.

Soil: Volcanic in origin, which gives its soils unique features. The bedrock consists of reddish and black slates that reflect and conserve the heat.

Climate: mild and dry, with marked fluctuations in temperature between day and night.

White: chenin blanc, macabeo, garnacha, pedro ximenez.
Red: cariñena, garnacha, garnacha peluda, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah.

White are produced using macabeo and garnacha blanca. They are yellow straw-colored, with presence of fruity aromas and mountain herbs memories. In the mouth can taste the Mediterranean character.

Rosé are not very common on this area. Due to the climate they produce wine by mature grape, so you can identify them because of the mature fruit note; in the mouth they are warm and tasty.

Without any doubt the Red wines are the most characteristics; The top product. They are produced using garnacha and cariñena. Their color is an intense cherry, all covered. The best one are offering big complexity on the nose with some mature fruit notes and plot strong character marked that helps to indentify the minerals notes. In the mouth they have large character and firm structure; they are powerful, fleshy, warm and, at the same time, a bit sourness, notably tannic acid and very persistent.

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