Located in many municipalities in the northeast corner of the province of Toledo (Castile-La Mancha, Spain) and which is divided into three distinct areas: TalaveraTorrijos, and Sagra-Toledo. The majority of its area are vines (71%) being in Torrijos.

Soil: gently rolling consists of sandy soils of origin granite, acids and very little lime which increases the smoothness of the wines produces here.

Climate:  Continental; it is dry and extreme with very long cold winters and short summers.

Grapes: There is overabundance of Garnacha.
White albillo, macabeo, sauvignon blanc,  chardonnay and verdejo.
Red grapes: garnacha (85% of the total), cencibel, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and petit verdot.

Rosé are made from garnacha, they are strawberry rosy; fruity on the nose and in the mouth more fleshy and smooth.
Red are a dark cherry color. On the nose they are emphasized for the mature fruit. However, in the mouth: feel fleshy, smooth and hot.

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