Altaris white

Size: 750 mL
Alcohol: 13.5 %
Serving temperature: 57.2 F (14 C)
Unit: 12

Grape: Garnacha and Macabeo
Appearance: Exhibiting a light orange-brown color from its aging process, presents with straw-yellow reflections.
Aroma: Its aroma profile suggests hints of matured stone fruits like apricots and peaches, accompanied by a subtle sweetness reminiscent of honey.
Taste:  These fragrances are underscored by delicate notes of toasted almonds and a touch of vanilla, promising a nuanced and sophisticated tasting experience.
Pairing recommendation: The wine’s balanced acidity complements the brininess of shellfish, while its aromatic complexity accentuates the subtleties of the seafood, creating a delightful and complementary culinary experience. Also harmonize wonderfully with the delicate flavors of grilled shrimp, lemon- infused grilled fish, or a seafood salad